Case studio: 1219 new customers for acrobatics center in Russia

About the project

The Acrobatics and Gymnastics Center is the place where you learn how to do somersaults and many other challenging acrobatic feats. The center is over 5 years old and employs Gymnastic masters from Russia and the USSR.

The entire gym is equipped with modern and safe exercise equipment, including one large trampoline that both children and adults can jump on.
Picture of acrobatics center
Project task
Attract new customers while increasing the number of site visits.

The target audience
For this project, the target audience is different. It mostly pertains to those who want to learn somersaults and other various tricks. Some just want to jump on trampolines for fun and exercise. We attempted to get people interested in the ads using various techniques. Now, let's learn about the audience.

Geo-position is a must-have setting in a big city. The majority of people are not willing to travel from the other end of the city just to do sports, adding to their already strenuous commutes.
Stage 1. Preparation:
setting target audiences and placements

First, let's discuss all key selling points used for setting ads for the Naused center:

Acrobatics and gymnastics are the main focus.
Yoga - This segment is for improving flexibility and body awareness.
Fitness - Losing weight, gaining muscle mass, becoming healthier.
Extreme sports - somersaults, flasks, double somersaults, jumping on a trampoline, exercises on a "goat" and so on.

Then we looked at placement for ads after small split, testing both Facebook ads and Instagram. We ended up choosing Instagram.
Stage 2. Launching ads and results
Total cost amounted to € 4,707.72
We tested several types of ads. We settled on one main formula: video + text = profit. In most cases, applications with such an offer attracted a 50% discount on all seasonal memberships, as well as a 70% discount on the first lesson.
Advertisement panel screenshot - lead form results
For the first few months we focused on driving traffic to the site. Cost per lead (CPL) was about €3.34 to 5.56. To begin, this was a good price. Shortly there after, it became unprofitable. We quickly switched to a lead form. A bit more than 200,000 rubles (€2,23) had already been spent. The CPL - 251 rubles (€2.79) - was a notable improvement. The price per a paid lesson cost 350 rubles (€3,89), customers then bought a training plan.
Screenshot of video ad
Results of this ad
Another ad example
Final results
Instagram ads results:

  • Spent - ₽423,176.55 rubles (€4,707.72)
  • Leads – 1,219
  • CPL - ₽347.15 rubles (€3.86)
  • Number of clients who visited the acrobatics center - 785
  • The price for offline clients is ₽539.07 rubles (€6)

Final reach and amount spent results
Website clicks ad campaign results
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