Case: Selling clothing wholesale clothing via Instagram. How did we get 1,887 leads for only €0.62 each?

We'll show you how we set up Instagram ads to successfully sell wholesale clothing.

Region: Russia and Kazakhstan
Audience: Women 22-60 years old
Ad budget: €1,100 This particular company specializes in the wholesale of children's and women's clothing.
Product example
Their advantages:
1) Their wholesale prices are lower than in Moscow
2) Fast delivery
3) Selection is updated daily
4) 0% commission as direct suppliers
5) Low threshold for the minimum purchase - $ 100

Project task:
1) Test different ad formats and find the most effective one.
2) Cost per lead not to be more than €2.
Stage 1. Preparation:
setting target audiences and ad formats

Search for Audience segments:
According to statistics, women are the most frequent customers. Ads were then sent to this demographic, ages 22-60. Audience interest's included children and women's clothing, retail, wholesale and business.

Target audience concerns
- No guarantee
- Long delivery wait times
- High prices
- Low to no trust
- Poor quality

How exactly did we identify these concerns?
- Customer reviews
- The information given directly from the customers themselves

Account design
The account was set up by the wholesale shop. All necessary information was included in the description, posts and mini-stories.

Stage 2. Launching ads and their results
Advertising was mainly directed to the (link builder) with an offer to receive a catalog, as this is what clients demonstrated interest in.
This method produced higher quality of messages and leads.

Ready link builder page screenshot:
Advertisement link builder – good replacement of landing page
Launching an advertising campaign
After receiving the catalog, people usually take an average 5-20 days to decide. The managers always remain in touch with them as a reminder.

Due to the fact that customers tended to purchase a few days later, we ran ads one by one. Beginning with one ad per audience, we followed with an ad for the next specific audience. After finishing each campaign, we counted all leads to know the specific time the customer ordered and what they purchased. This is how we tracked and understood which ad brought the most customers.

Here are some of the most successful ads:
And some that did not work as well:
Final results
The numbers were originally in Russian rubles, converted now to the Euro's current rate.

Spent: €1,180
Clicks: 27,919
Click price: €0.042
New leads: 1,887
CPL: €0.62 (3 times less than planned!)

Overall, we at Insta-Driver were very satisfied with the advertising result. All the tasks were successfully completed.
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