Creating and maintaining ads for a risqué topic - training women on oral seduction

In May 2017, we were fortunate enough to work with an amazing woman - international sex coach Ekaterina Lyubimova.
What was so special about Ekaterina? Not only is Ekaterina a beautiful woman, she has such pleasant and easy-going demeanor; she instantly puts you at ease with her captivating personality. Moreover, her courses make a lot of women(and men) happier.

Ekaterina started coaching women on the subjects of sex and pleasure over 12 years ago. At that time, there was not a single magazine for women where her courses weren't mentioned. We like to guess that she saved hundreds of relationships during this time period.

Now Ekaterina is actively promoting her trainings online.
Stage 1. Preparation

As with any project, before developing teasers and writing promotional posts, we made a mind map.
A part of mind map looks like this
The customer was russian - we apologise for not correct translation
To identify the challenges from the target audience and to further develop high-quality teasers – Ms. Lyubimova gave us access to a closed chat channel. Here, we were able to see the students' concerns and results.

As a result, our teasers then covered their primary needs.
Stage 2. Launching the campaign and final results
After all the data was collected, we proceeded to the test of teasers on the target audience.

Some ads that gave the best result:
The teasers that were tested one by one.

After the leaders were identified, we started working on scaling. As to be expected, some teasers were blocked by Facebook. However, by the time three of the 15 creatives were blocked, they already demonstrated excellent conversion results.

After reworking the design, the teasers were re-launched. After this launch, we did not suffer any more censorship problems from Facebook.

Final results
Screenshot from the advertisement panel. CPC is remained
  • The advertising budget amounted to 237,787.29 rubles. (€2,646.34)
  • The average cost per click was 11.05 rubles. (€0.12)
  • The number of clicks on advertising – 21,515
  • Number of individual registrations for the marathon - 3,968 people.
  • Number of participants who paid for VIP participation in the marathon - 483 participants
  • Registration conversion was 18.44%

ROI excluding marathon participants who paid for a further paid program was 62.50%

Customer's review
It was a great pleasure for us personally to work on this project:

  • Non-standard topic of the marathon: it was interesting to work out possible bans from Facebook, bypass them and have better results than the previous launches
  • Customer satisfaction
  • We're pleased with the excellent result.
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