Case: The sale of cosmetics totaling €38,728 in English-speaking and Post-Soviet Countries [CIS]

Social network: Instagram Time: December 2018 to March 2019
Sales area: The CIS, Europe, USA,UK
Lucas 'Cosmetics produces and sells materials for eyebrow dyeing, sugaring, and Mehndi(henna). Working with Indian partners, Lucas' Cosmetics developed a special henna for eyebrow biotattoos known as 'CC Brow'.

Originally, the purpose of the ad campaign was to receive 1,500 wholesale applications for the site via Instagram, while keeping the cost below 450 rubles (€5.01) for each application. We then began expanding to other markets to fulfill this goal.
We would like to mention that we have worked with this customer for a year (December 2017 to December 2018). We worked only with the Russian market. After a year of working with Lucas' Cosmetics, the results have only now begun to increase. Now, let's take a look at how we scaled up advertising in Europe and Western English-speaking countries.
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Work in progress

Initially, we created campaigns in Russia and the CIS. We then expanded to the Russian-speaking audience in Europe.

The first step was separate segmentation for each country. Previously, we collected a "look-a-like audience" from a client base in each country.

The ad was optimized for landing page views. Cost per click [CPC] in Russia was then €0.18, €0.19 in the CIS, and €0.28 in Russian-speaking Europe.

At the same time, we maintained KPI of 450 rubles (€5.01). We fit this into the general monthly plan, but Insta-Driver knew we could do even better.
In order to improve performance for the next month of work we...

  • Started to use the goal of the advertising campaign "Conversions"
  • Added announcements in English for English-speaking countries + Europe;
  • We changed the teasers. Reducing the amount of text in the pictures and focusing more on the product's benefits;
  • Opted out of using stories, through testing they were discovered to receive more expensive leads.

What did we get after several months of work?
Advertisement panel screenshot
1) 1,764 leads for English-speaking countries. The cost ranged from 60 to 215 rubles (€0.67 - 2.39). Averaging out at 111 rubles (€1.24). Countries with best conversion: USA, UK, India.

2) 1,321 leads for the CIS and Russian-speaking Europe. The cost ranged from 150 to 250 rubles (€1.67 - 2.78). Averaging 211 rubles (€2.35).

The following countries responded best to advertising: Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Spain, Latvia, Poland.

For several months, we have not only been able to maintain the CPL in Europe and other foreign countries (including the Russian Federation), Ista-Driver was also able to gradually reduce it.
Advertisement panel screenshot
Ad teasers
The teasers that performed the best and generated the maximum number of leads:
Final results
  • 2.8% is the average rate of conversion leads.
  • The average transaction value equaled 40,000 rubles (€459.86) - With 3,085 leads in total
  • 2.8% of the 3,085 leads amounted to 87 sales.

Profit: Average Value per Transaction [AVT] 44,516 * 87 sales = € 38,728.

Video review from Lucas' Cosmetics:
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