A net profit of €3,100 for online confectionery coaching

We would like to share our experience of working with an online confectionary training course.

How did we start the campaign?
Which Instagram ad formats did we choose? What were the results?
  • Social networks: Instagram
  • Target audiences: Mothers on maternity leave, cooks, novice confectioners, people who are interested in cooking. Mostly women.
  • Sales area: Russian Federation
  • Time period: December 2018 - January 2019
  • Ad budget: ₽160,000 (€1,780.64)
  • Net profit: ₽278,612 (€3,100.68)
Customer's instagram page
Ze.firka is an online coaching website, teaching how to make cakes and desserts with varying levels of difficulty levels. It includes courses for both beginners and professionals, as well information regarding a confectionery studio in Samara, Russia.
About project

Online coaching:
The main service are online courses for pastry art and tripwire - a collection of author's recipes from the founder of the studio.

The studio has its own landing page with a good conversion rate.
Also, an Instagram account that was actively maintained with high-quality content, videos, master classes, live broadcasts and useful stories.

During the advertising campaign, more than 30 audiences were tested. Because advertising on VKontakte (a Russian social network) did not give the expected results, we analyzed the situation and decided to advertise on Instagram.
Working progress
We started an advertising campaign in 4 stages. The first two hypotheses failed.
First stage
Initially, we decided to advertise with an offer - a free video guide on how to create some popular desserts. The manager processed requests and closed transactions.

However, this method was ineffective. As a result, there were many requests to download the free video tutorial but very few sales. Such a result did not suit us.
Second stage
After analyzing the first unsuccessful campaign, we came to the conclusion that "head-on" sales would not work in this scenario.

Therefore, it was decided to implement a small auto sales funnel with e-mail newsletters.

The point of the funnel was for the lead magnet (a free video tutorial) to drive traffic to registration on the GetCourse platform (there, customers leave their email and phone number to access the free lesson). Then an email newsletter was sent through this database with several offers.
Clicks: the average cost was 3.19 rubles. (0,04 eur)
Spent: 43 330 rubles. (482,22 eur)
Number of registrations: 3,200 people.
CPL (cost per lead): 14 rubles. (0,16 eur)
2nd stage results
Advertisement panel screenshot
Teasers which were used in this stage:
As a result of this stage, some of the customers bought tripwire (a collection of author's recipes from the founder of the studio), and some purchased the main product.

These improved results were still not satisfactory for our team at Insta-driver. There was a profit but not as much as we would like. Another issue remained; there was a problem with analytics - no clear statistics on sales source. The customer did not provide it.
Third stage
After analyzing the two previous stages, it was decided to drive traffic to the offer with tripwire - a collection of dessert recipes. The price of the collection is ₽399 rubles (€4.45). This gave a good turnover investment and ROI.

On each invested ruble, we received 1.70 as a profit. The ad is still functioning to this day.

Additionally, a large number of new followers were gained during this stage. We did not count followers, as this was not our goal. Teasers used for this stage:
Clicks: the average cost was 4,66 rubles. (0,05 eur)
Spent: 18595 rubles. (207,30 eur)
3rd stage results
Advertisement panel screenshot
Fourth stage
Furthermore, we drove traffic to landing page with the incentive to receive a free box of desserts for Mother's Day, as well as free master class offers.
Here the average CPC was 11 to 19 rubles. (0,17 eur)

Audiences were sorted by category of interests: cookbooks, desserts, cakes, baked goods, recipes, housewives, babysitters. We then crossed these categories with engaged users; an audience making purchases both on and offline.
4rt stage settings
Free desserts box campaign results
Free masterclass campaign results
Example of teaser on 4th stage:
free master class ad example
Final results
  • The cost of the course on cooking desserts – 4,900 rubles (€54.63)
  • Tripwire (a collection of author's recipes from the founder of the studio) cost - 399 rubles (€4.45)
  • Total advertising budget: 160,000 rubles (€1783.72)
  • A total of courses, master classes and tripwires were sold for: 278,612 rubles (€3,100)
  • Tripwires were sold: 148 (59,052 rubles) (€658.33)
  • Courses were sold: 44 (219,560 rubles) (€2,441.67)
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